Building a Healthy Relationship: When To Let Go and When To Stay


In May of 2016, my hubby and I decided to tie the knot and it was one of the best decisions we have ever made. Let me remind you, relationships are not easy and they do require work. Whether it's a friendship or a romantic relationship. We're now going on 2 years of marriage and I have learned so much from being with this wonderful human being, so I thought it may be wise to share. Here are my advice on how to build a healthy relationship and when to let go or stay.

1. Communication

Communication is key. Without that it's hard to hear the other person out of fully understand them. This is something I am still working on. Some days I expect my husband to read mind and things to get solved. But when I speak up and communicate, we get through our differences a lot easier.

2. Love don't Judge

Love is a major key in any relationship. Love can change a person for the better. If your partner or friend is doing something you think is wrong, don't judge show them love. Placing judgements may push that person away from you.

3. Speak Good things to each other

I've always been told that we can't take back our words, so always remember to speak life. Sometimes anger makes us say some hurtful words but speaking life will empower you.

4. Support each other

If you don't support each other then who will? This Christmas I received two books from my hubby and it was just what I needed for my vision and goals. I remember when he asked me what I wanted for Christmas I told him something on the less pricey end and meaningful and let me tell you, he did the dang thing! His support of my goals is what helps me strive.

5. Keep your business between each other

Everyone aren't happy for you and that includes your friends. You don't know who is secretly gossiping about your relationship, so keep everyone out. If you need advice go to a pastor or a professional counselor. The less people know, the less they can hold against you or your partner. Let them keep wondering and gossiping. 

When to Let go and when to stay?

Usually they say follow your heart, but I say follow your MIND. Our hearts have a tendency of giving us false hope. Your mind will tell you when it's right or not. Stop chasing hopeless romantics, friends with benefits, Unequally yokes, side chicks and I don't want a relationship kinda relationships. Stay far away. If you aren't ready, enjoy your single life. Have fun and make meaningful friendships. Not everyone you meet you should date. 

Leave if it's unhealthy, leave if it's not what you want and leave if it no longer serves a purpose.