What We Think Love Means Vs. What It Truly Means


For all my millennials in a relationship or just got out of one, here is some advice. When God sends you love "love from a companion" you will know. Love cannot be forced, it's not temporary and it will always stay true. Though this may sound like peaches and cream lol, please know that loving someone is not easy. Love gets tested daily and the enemy is constantly looking to break the cords of love. However, stay in God's words, seek his guidance and he will renew your strength daily to share the same love Christ has for the Church.

If you're in a relationship and you're confused, seek God daily. He will lead you in the right direction. Whether it is to leave, stay or press pause. You don't need to be stressed out. Get in the book of 1 Corinthians and God will show you the characteristics of love. Another great book for millennials is Proverbs.

A good relationship is when two people can accept and love each other despite their faults. Love is not what many think it is. It's not an emotion but its merely a choice. It's the choice of being patient, kind, gentle, trustworthy, hopeful, supporting, never failing and humble. To truly love someone it takes time, and we must first love ourselves.

In past relationships I didn't know how to love. One, I didn't know how to love myself and was seeking love in the wrong place. However, when God sent my husband, he helped me understand what love truly means and he's teaching me daily through my marriage.