Looking For A Face Cleanser?? "Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser"

Are you looking for a new face cleanser? If the answer is yes, then you should check out the Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser from Michael Todd. I've had the opportunity to test this product out in exchange for a review and I actually really like it. One thing I look for in a facial cleanser, is how soapy it is. And this does the job...... I know it sounds kind of silly, but in my head, the more soap it creates the better it washes my face lol. Also, I know that it has charcoal , but the scent is pretty decent, and the color is grayish/blackish. You can't go wrong with this product. It leaves your skin feeling refreshed, smooth and helps with acne.

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Purchase yours here: http://www.michaeltoddbeauty.com/skin-care-products/shop-by-skin-products/cleansers-makeup-removers/charcoal-detox-deep-pore-cleanser.html 

Product Details (From Brand)

What it is:
An award winning deep pore gel cleanser formulated with highly absorbent activated charcoal, tea tree and botanical extracts in a soothing case of 100% pure Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice.   

Ideal for use with the Soniclear™ or with hands alone. Shake well before each use. Wet face and hands with warm water. Apply cleanser onto hands and gently massage onto damp face in upward, circular motions. Rinse thoroughly.

What it is formulated to do:
Ideal for oily and blemish prone skin types. Helps to removes excess oil and lift impurities from pores while promoting balance for an improved look in clarity and health of the complexion.
What it is formulated WITHOUT:
-Water or Cheap Fillers
-Artificial Dyes
-Synthetic Fragrance
-Mineral Oil
What else you need to know:
Intended for Oily & Blemish Prone Skin Types.
200 ml/ 6.7 fl oz