Exoctic Oil Hair For All Hair Types

So, as of recent, I decided to try out the Hask  Orchid  & White Truffle while heading on my trip to Europe. Usually, I don't wait a while to conduct my reviews, but I'm actually glad that I waited, as I got to really test out the product to write this honest review. Personally, I like the product, and though it says it works with all hair types, I cannot say that is true, but what I can say is, it works for my hair type which is 4C. So all my ladies with 4c hair, keep on reading hahaha! Or evening if you don't have 4c hair you may benefit from this review.

Soooo... What exactly do I like about this product? Hmmmm....

1. It's great for traveling: Since I was heading to Europe it worked perfectly, as it came with a cute storage bag which I slipped into my luggage.

2.  The scent is good: Not sure what kind of smells you are into, but this worked great for me since it was not too strong.

3. I love the way my hair feels after using it: So in regards to the shampoo, I don't recommend using too much, as it dries out the 4c hair type and girls with that kind of hair need more conditioner than shampoo. So, If you have my hair type, definitely use more conditioner and your hair will be loving you.

4. Lastly: Isn't the packaging sooo cute? I mean C'mon look at it. Anyways I'm out :) 

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