March Favorite Beauty Products

Spring Break Packing Guide.png

Smooth n' Shine Deep Recovery Treatment

This product worked perfectly for my hair type since it gets very dry and brittle. If your hair needs a little TLC this will work perfectly. I definitely recommend this for my natural Sistas.

Smooth n' Shine Straightening Polisher

This polisher gave my hair the perfect shine and protected my hair from heat damages. Once in a while, I like to go straight and this gives my hair a shine while protecting it from the heat.

Smooth n' Shine Detangling Foam

This I definitely needed especially for my 4C hair type. I always try to detangle my hair while it's wet to prevent any breakage and this does the job.

Smooth n' Shine Bodyfying Mousse

This, in particular, I use on my straight wigs to give it body.  I recommend this product for all my straight hair lovers.

Bosom Boob Glue

This kept my boobies in position, they stay up and never stains any of my clothing.

Smooth n' Shine Moisturizing Conditioner

This conditioner is amazing! My hair needs all of the moisture it can get and this conditioner does just that! I highly recommend