My Experience Using Splat Hair Dye

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This weekend I had the opportunity to try out the Splat Hair Dye and I wanted to share my honest experience with my readers, just in case you are thinking about using it. Please note that this was my first time using this hair dye. 

Product Info Based on Brand:

A water-based formula that delivers brilliant, vibrant colors via a proprietary comb in the applicator.  Perfect for that one night, party, or costume. This exclusive formula has been created curly and textured hair in three bold hues; Imposing Purple, Scorching Scarlet, and Impulsive Indigo

  1. Vibrant color stays where you put it.  No overspray like an aerosol, no dusting as with a hair chalk

  2.  Combs right in washes right out when you are done.

  3. Complete kit includes – 3.0 oz water-based hair dye, applicator comb, gloves & instructions

  4. Formulas are cruelty-free, vegan, non-gmo, & gluten free.

  5.  Products are made in the USA

The product I Used: Imposing Purple

I used the imposing purple and the product comes with everything that is stated on the box. Many of you know that I have a 4C hair texture so sometimes it can be a little hard for hair dyes and other rinses to actually process. 

My Opinion: The product works great, and like every other hair dye I have used in the past the color did not show much in my hair,

Few tips for people new to Splat:
1. IT IS A DIRECT PIGMENT COLOR AND IT WILL STAIN STUFF. Be really REALLY careful about where you dye your hair and where you rinse it out. If you get it on your skin unless you know good remedies to get dye off things, expect it to be there a few days.
2. Whenever you wash it, yes, the color will bleed gradually. That is to be expected. While your hair is some fun color, pick a towel that you don't care for and use it exclusively to dry your hair after you rinse/shower from here on out.
3. Keep the color dye on your hair a good while. I usually leave it in for more than an hour. Use a shower cap, or tie a plastic grocery bag around your head. This will help your hair in taking the dye, plus an extra step in preventing a mess.
4. SPECIAL NOTE: should you decide you don't like it and want to change it back, I've heard of people trying to use a product called "Color Oops". It rinses out the colors in your hair that have been deposited by dyes. THIS DOES NOT WORK ON DIRECT PIGMENTS LIKE SPLAT. It works on other kinds of box dyes. So, if you don't like whatever color you use from Splat, you'll just have to dye your hair a dark color and hope that colors covers what you did, or try and bleach it, which will probably suck. So be careful and color wisely! ;)

Good seller, great product, definitely recommended.