5 Tips for New Dog Owners


A few months ago my hubby and I decided to get a puppy and just so happen to find Golden our Golden Retriever. This is our first time ever owning a dog and it's been an amazing experience. He's only 5 months and looks like a cute Giant. When he's coming through we literally have to clear the way, but you gotta love him. Are you thinking about owning a puppy? Here are a few things I've learned these past months after we got Golden. 



  1. Do your research first. Getting a new dog is expensive but it's so worth it. If you can't afford one, there are other options like fostering or adopting. These options are always great since you get to provide a dog a home.
  2. If you do get a puppy, know that they will literally chew on everything. Golden Chews on rocks and anything you can think of, simply because he's teething. With that said, buy a chew toy and don't leave things around.
  3. Puppies can only hold their Pee or poop 1 hr x Their months. Definitely Crate train or potty train. We're still working on making Golden better at this.
  4. Ensure your pup gets all his/her shots
  5. Love your pup; Get your pup treats and feed your pup well. 


Have fun with your new pup. Dogs are loving and will be as great only if you teach them to be great.