3 Items To I Use To Walk My Dog in Style and At Home


Are you a dog owner like myself? Well, I have a few great Items that I've recently started using and I absolutely love them. However, I first must introduce you to my 7 Months old Golden Retriever.-----------------> This is Golden to the left, he's a hefty and loving dog. He requires lots of treats, a strong leash, weekly grooming and play time. Here are some resources I use daily to help make my time with Golden easy and fun.


The three products I currently used are from Pet Magasin:

  1. Dog Leashes with dog poop bag
  2. Set of 3 brushes
  3. Dog nail clippers 

I absolutely love my dog leashes from this brand. Every other leashes I've had popped but my Pet Magasin leash is still standing strong. The great thing about this is, It comes with a set of poop bags which can be hooked to your pants for convenience.

The set of 3 brushes are also my favorites. My dog loves it, especially when he has an itch.

Lastly, the pet nail clippers works great when Golden's nails gets way to long.

item to be purchased either on our website (petmagasin.com) or on Amazon (https://goo.gl/TttCGi) for dog nail clippers and (https://goo.gl/4UhZnE) for brush sets and (goo.gl/L1ExKL) dog leash with dog poop bag