How I Made $40,000 + in 6months While I Was in College


Alright guys, I'm really a straight to the point person, no long squeal or intro. So here's how I did it.....

Internships. Yes, Internships. In 2014 I landed my first Internship at Fiat Chrysler Auto Mobile AKA Chrysler, as a Manufacturing/Material Logistics intern and was paid $20/hr for 3months May-August, I received $2500 for housing which was perfect because Michigan was very cheap and my flight was covered. It was pretty dope internship. I met some amazing people while seeing a new city and made money. Made a total of $12,000 (Includes flights, housing and pay).

In 2015, I landed another internship at The Boeing Company in Seattle Washington as an Environmental Health & Safety Intern. Honestly, Boeing takes care of their workers, including interns. I was paid $14,000 to relocate for 3 months May- August and received a hourly wage of $23/hr. When my 3 months was up I decided to be brave and asked my manager to extend my internship until the end of the year and when he responded yes, I transferred out to an online school. 

How did I land my internships?

  • Attend Conferences like BEYA, WOC & NSBE

  • Perfected my resume

  • Applied to 100+ Jobs