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Visiting The Pumpkin Patch

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Yesterday, my husband and I planned a trip to the Pumpkin Patch for my sisters and cousin and it was such a soothing experience. There is nothing that gives me more joy than spending quality time with family. As you know, Holloween is right around the corner and you're probably looking to get into some family fun activities and can't really figure out what to do as yet. Here is my suggestion for all who are in the NYC area. 


We visited this cute farm/flower shop in Long Island named Borellas Farm Stand "Borella’s Farm Stand was started in 1960 by Joseph Borella, and his wife Theresa. Joe owned a potato farm, and Theresa, a flower shop. Over the years the farm evolved to include a broader array of flowers and vegetables, and is now one of the largest producers of beautiful flowers and fresh vegetables on Long Island." This was a great place to visit since it had the Pumpkin Farm, Flower Stand, and a Vineyard. Just the perfect spot for adult and children. 


For all my plant lovers, please check out the flower stand. It's beautiful and works as a great background for pictures. My family and I couldn't get enough of it. 


Whispers Vineyard


After we checked out the flower stand, we visited the Wine Tasting shop nearby and it was so beautiful. There was live music and the wine tasted great. This was definitely one of my faves!


Happy Fall 

This is all for now. I hope this post inspires you to take a trip to enjoy some fall activities with your family. This trip was not about the activity, but more about bonding with my family.

-Tiffany Johnson  

Venice Italy Tour Guide: Explore Venice, Italy In 2 Days

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This summer, my husband and I decided to spend two days in Venice, Italy and it was such a beautiful adventure.  Since Venice is such a small city, no more than two days of a visit is required, and to make your trip easier, I have put together a Two Day-travel guide.


Venice Fun Facts

Venice is made up of a collection of approx 115 tiny islands


There are 400+ pedestrian footbridges spanning the canals

  • Venice has about 150 canals

  • There are a little over 400 gondoliers in Venice

  • Venice got its first female gondolier in 2010

  •  By the 18th century, there were over 200 churches in Venice

  •  Over 15 million visitors flock to Venice every year

  • Venice has over 450 palaces (palazzi) and important buildings built in a mixture of styles, Gothic, Byzantine, Baroque etc.

Where to stay?


Hotel Città di Milano

  • 3.0 out of 5.0

  • San Marco 590 Campiello San Zulian, Venice VE 30124

  • Price: Total: $177.64

What to do and where to eat?

Day 1: Places To Visit 

  • Campanile di San Marco

  •  St. Mark's Basilica. ...
  • Doge's Palace.
  •  Ca' d'Oro.
  • Rialto Bridge & Market. 
  • Scuola Grande di San Rocco. 
  • Cicchetti crawl. 

Breakfast: The Gritti Palace. Served with a great view of the Canal and Breakfast. 


Lunch & Dinner: Since there are a ton of great restaurants, I have decided to put together a list.


Here is the list I used from Ciao Italy & Carrani Tours 

  1. Trattoria e Bacaro Da Fiore

  2. Trattoria Altanella

  3. Trattoria Dalla Marisa

  4. Trattoria Corte Sconta

  5. Osteria Santa Marina

  6. Osteria Alle Testiere

Day 2:  Places to visit

  •  Peggy Guggenheim Museum
  • Ca' Rezzonico
  •  Piazza San Marco
  • Gondola ride
  • Dinner (Roam around the canal and check out their menus)

How to end your day?


End your day with some Gelatofrom Gelatoteca Susco!! 

Have fun in Venice and I hope that this guide helps. For more pictures from my Venice trip follow my instagram.

The Ultimate Travel Bucket List

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It's 2017 and like myself, so many of you are looking for the perfect getaway for the summer. You probably don't know where to as yet, so I've put together the perfect Travel Inspiration kit, with hopes that you might be inspired to Get The Hell Away & Enjoy Yo self! :) Click to see what's inside.