Make 60/Hour Doing In-Demand Services at Home

We're living in a digital world and so many people are looking for ways to stay in their PJs while making extra cash from their home.  Here are 7 In-Demand Services That Could Make You up to $60/Hour as a Virtual Assistant from

1. Proofread Blog Posts

Business owners know they need to attract visitors to their websites. One great way to do this is through blogging. Running a blog generally means working with a lot of content.

Draft blog posts will be come in from all angles: paid writers, the business owner, guest contributors, company staff, interns and even customers. Someone needs to carefully proofread and edit each post before it’s published. Why not you?

Estimated hourly rate: $15 to $25

2. Format Posts in WordPress

Once a blog post is polished and error-free, the next step is to publish it using the business’s content management system. This is usually the ever popular WordPress. Great news: WordPress is easy to learn.

If you’re new to freelancing and starting, like I did, with no coding skills, you’ll be just fine.

You don’t need to know how to code to format and optimize blog posts. You can master the process in one week or less using resources available on Udemy or WordPress 101.

Estimated hourly rate: $20 to $40

3. Manage a Blog Editorial Calendar and Brainstorm Headlines

An editorial calendar is simply a plan and schedule of all the upcoming blog posts the site will publish.

Brainstorm topic ideas and headlines that will appeal to the business’ target audience and help boost the site’s search engine rankings. Space the topics out in a logical way on an online calendar or spreadsheet.

Estimated hourly rate: $30 to $50

4. Curate Content for Social Media

Anyone can research interesting article links, images and quote graphics, but not everyone demonstrates the care or attention to detail needed to provide value to a business’s audience.

Do you think you could manage it? Could you put yourself in the shoes of someone who frequents your client’s blog and figure out what kinds of headlines and images they’d find most helpful, entertaining or inspiring? If you can, you could get paid for the skill.

Estimated hourly rate: $15 to $40

5. Create Landing Pages

To build an audience and sell products or services, business owners have an ongoing need for special action-focused web pages called “landing pages.”

A landing page might encourage people to subscribe to an email list, register for a webinar, buy a product or get excited about an upcoming launch.

If you can create great landing pages, you can pull in a great freelance income. The impact of this service on your client’s business growth is immediate and obvious.

Rest assured, you still don’t have to learn any code. Using WordPress page templates or user-friendly software tools like Leadpages and Unbounce, you can lay out your client’s marketing message perfectly.

Estimated hourly rate: $40 to $60

6. Format Email Newsletters

Take that same copy you’ve been using for social media updates or in blog posts, and this time load it into a newsletter using email marketing software such as MailChimpInfusionsoft or GetResponse.

You can use the software to work from an existing template or create a new layout, put the right fonts in the right places, arrange the images where they look best and double-check all the hyperlinks.

Schedule the newsletter, and you’ve just performed one of the most in-demand freelance services in the online business world.

Imagine how your weekly income could start to build if you were supporting just five businesses with their email marketing for one hour’s pay each, every week.

Estimated hourly rate: $25 to $40

7. Provide Customer Support

Businesses often receive a ton of audience feedback, questions and inquiries. To respond to all this incoming correspondence, owners need help from detail-oriented freelancers.

In fact, my first online job involved responding to customer support emails and formatting (not writing) blog posts for approximately 20 billable hours each week. It was a great way to get my foot in the door — and I’ve built my business from there.

Estimated hourly rate: $15 to $30

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